Koven cardiovascular innovation

Your Biomedical Design & Development Partner

Koven cardiovascular innovation is the engineering and product development department of Koven Technology Canada Inc. We provide professional engineering and medical device commercialization services.

We assist early stage medical device companies to overcome their product development obstacles by providing expert knowledge and guidance through every stage of development, from product definition to design transfer.

Our History

Koven Technology, Inc. was founded in St. Louis, MO in 1981 by Paul Koven.  Paul's vision was to deliver safe and effective medical devices that would improve patient care and the efficiency of safe medical practice.  This has become Koven's current goal that every employee is committed to making for you, our client, a reality.

Paul wanted to give back to his beloved city of Winnipeg, MB, where he was born and raised. In 2003, he founded Koven Technology Canada to "bring good science back to Winnipeg". Since then, Koven Canada has been providing quality products and services to the medical device community.

We take pride in the reputation we have built as a leader in developing and delivering state of the art solutions that address vascular and cardiovascular conditions.

P Koven - Founder

Who We are Today

Koven now offers our unique design, engineering, and product development expertise to health technology innovators around the world.

Koven cardiovascular innovation was established to help lead medical diagnostic and therapeutic companies to success. Our goal is to help innovators and manufacturers meet challenges and overcome obstacles associated with new product development, from ideation to commercialization.

We specialize in biomedical device design and development, with expertise in vascular and cardiovascular conditions.

With our guidance, our clients are able to develop high quality, effective, and safe medical devices that comply with regulatory requirements and sell in the market.

We are able to assist with specific single projects, such as design input generation, or full spectrum tasks, like quality management system development.

Meet our Team Leaders

I Maclean - Director of Research and Engineering
Ian Maclean, P. Eng.
Director of Research and Engineering

Ian joined Koven Technology Canada during its inception in 2004. Prior to that he studied Engineering at the University of Manitoba and has been a registered Professional Engineer in good standing in the Province of Manitoba since 2007.

Ian was inspired to put his engineering skills to work in the medical device field after learning of his great grandfather's role in the creation of the Winnipeg clinic; one of the earliest multi-specialty private group practice clinics in Canada.

Ian brings a strong combination of project management skills and comprehensive innovation strategies to his role as the Director of Research and Engineering. He excels at new product development and has provided successful leadership on a wide range of medical device projects; from concept to launch.

I Maclean - Director of Research and Engineering
Cee Nguyen, P. Eng.
Biomedical Product Designer

Cee developed a passion for biomedical engineering from a very early age.  His father, a computer science engineer, and mother, a microbiology expert, instilled him with a rich medical sciences background which nurtured his passion for the field.

Cee graduated with distinction from the University of Manitoba. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biosystems Engineering with a specialization in Biomedical Engineering.

Cee is registered as an Engineer in Training with EGM and is an active member. As a Biomedical Product Designer, he uses his knowledge of the product design and development process to prepare innovative product concepts and designs. Cee considers his project planning skills to be one of his strongest assets and he applies this to his technical project proposals.

H Bell - Managing Director
Heather Bell, Managing Director

After the death of her father Paul Koven in 2004, Heather took on the role of Managing Director and it is through her leadership that Koven Canada is now fulfilling Paul's vision. 

Heather began working for Koven Technology in 1997 as a national sales rep. Under Paul's guidance, she learned the skills necessary for successful business management.

Heather currently controls and oversees all business operations, staff and ventures for Koven Technology and Koven Canada. She provides strategic direction to the Engineering Consulting Team and directly supports all Quality Management System development programs.