Koven cardiovascular innovation

Your Biomedical Design & Development Partner

Do you have an idea for an innovative new healthcare product or improvement on an existing technology, but need help with the inventive process?

From new and innovative healthcare products, to improvements on existing technology; our team uses a proven and effective ideation process to generate creative concept solutions that address your specific product vision and design metrics.

Whether you want help from start to finish developing a new device or assistance with a specific design element, our ideation process generates strong foundational outputs for the development efforts to follow.

Out team combines experience, logic, research and intuition to deliver foundational concepts that meet your need for innovative solutions.

We can help with:

  • Concept idea generation through brainstorming, benchmarking, drafting, modeling, etc.
  • Concept sorting
  • Concept screening against input criteria
  • Ranking and down selecting
  • Re-generation as needed

This process is repeated until a pool of strong, promising concepts remain.

Contact us and let us help you unlock the potential of your medical device.

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