Koven cardiovascular innovation

Your Biomedical Design & Development Partner

Koven rapidly designs, builds, and tests design iterations that are aimed at reducing technical uncertainty, meeting specific milestones, and establishing evidence of safety and effectiveness.

We work from established design input specification to develop prototypes of your concept or new product idea.

Koven uses an iterative design process that includes targeted prototyping and testing to accelerate development times.

We apply our medical electrical equipment design and development experience to resolving your technical uncertainty, meeting standards for safety and effectiveness and ultimately providing a stand-out product solution.

We can help with:

  • Circuit design, analysis or troubleshooting
  • PCB layout, prototyping and analysis
  • Signal processing & data acquisition
  • Microcontroller programming and debugging
  • 3D CAD enclosure design and prototyping
  • Safety and performance testing

We invite you to read our blog post "Design Considerations for Electrical Safety in Medical Devices"

Medical electrical engineering and design services